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An Energy-Efficient Home Saves You Money

An Energy-Efficient Home by Lord Contractors, Inc. Saves You MoneyChoosing to build an energy-efficient or “green” home not only helps to protect the environment, it saves you money on your utility bills by consuming less power and resources — a choice that continues to give back long after construction has been completed.

Some energy-efficient custom home building strategies that will contribute to long-term energy savings include: high-performance windows (typically triple-paned) and doors; a southern-facing orientation to exploit the sun’s energy for heating and cooling purposes; an airtight insulated building envelope to prevent infiltration of outside air and loss of conditioned air; installation of efficient Energy-Star certified appliances and lighting; and more.

Discover more money-saving, energy-efficient building options. Call Lord Contractors, Inc. at 610-489-0966 for expert design & construction of a high-performance “green” home.


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