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Advantages of Building a Net Zero Modular Home with Lord Contractors

Lord Contractors, Inc., together with Brightbuilt Home, features a line of architect-designed, high-performance Net Zero Modular Homes priced to offer substantial savings off the lifetime cost of a typical home. We carefully analyze each home site and utilize the advantages of natural day lighting, warmth from the sun and natural ventilation. Sustainable is now attainable. This is our mission.

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero is the process of end-using – or “netting” – zero fossil fuels. To achieve net zero, a home must be able to generate as much power (typically through photovoltaic solar cells), as it uses. Most net zero energy homes today remain connected to the local power grid, and they can feed surplus electricity back to the world. They can also use power during long stretches of cloudy weather. At the end of the day, you’re running a fair and balanced operation (with no oil or natural gas expenses, to boot)!

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Net Zero Modular Homes with James Hardie SidingView the construction process of our latest Net Zero Modular Home project in Quakertown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania!

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Net Zero Modular Homes: Annual Energy Use ComparisonsPerformance

Net Zero Modular Homes combine state-of-the-art, energy-efficient construction techniques and appliances with commercially available renewable energy systems, such as solar water heating and solar electricity. The combination results in a home that produces its own energy – as much or more than it needs. Even though the home might be connected to a utility grid, it has net zero energy consumption from the utility provider over the course of one year.


Construction of Net Zero Modular HomesWays to Build

We offer two options; prefab modular or traditional stick-built on-site construction. Both methods have a similar price point. The Net Zero Modular Homes system may reduce delivery schedules and shorten construction financing periods. Whatever method you choose, we will work to determine the right fit for you.




Net Zero Modular Homes: Monthly Cost ComparisonsThe price incorporates all architectural design, structural engineering, construction, site preparation, and assembly costs. This is achieved through careful coordination between architect, general contractor and owner. Basic pricing reflects the standard designs with baseline finishes and our conditioning and appliance specifications, and assumes a basic site intervention with available utilities. Quality assurance and performance measurement costs such as blower door testing and commissioning are also included, ensuring the long-term value of the home. Pricing does not include your land cost, additional site-specific permitting, or installation of utilities, if required (such as well or septic).

Net Zero Modular Homes: Design and Finishing optionsSpecs and Finishes

When it comes to the specifications and finishes for your Net Zero Modular Home, the world is your oyster! Virtually any type of finishes and details can be incorporated into your design, or you can choose from our existing design palettes.

While all finishes must comply with our low-VOC requirements, and fixtures must be energy-star rated, the options available for realizing exactly the look and feel of your new home are limitless. With a great many choices available today that are low-VOC, and sustainably made and sourced, we can help you craft a home that is both just what you want and good for you, too!

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Net Zero Modular Homes: What is Net Zero?

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