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Passive House Design & Construction

A Passive House is both a building energy performance standard and a set of design and construction principles.

The New American Four Square Passive House Bethesda, MD; David Peabody, David Peabody Architects, Alexandria, VA; Brandon O’Neill, O’Neill Development; Click photo to learn more.

Passive House Design

Sustainable Brownstone Transformation

Buildings that meet the Passive House standard use 80% less energy than conventional equivalent buildings and provide superior air quality and comfort. Signature features often include thick outside walls and roofs, highly-insulated windows and frames, and a south-facing orientation. The ventilation system pulls-in fresh outdoor air and pushes out stale indoor air, but not before it’s used to heat or cool the incoming air to the same temperature. The goal is a house or building that creates as much energy as it consumes.Look to Lord Contractors, Inc. Passive House Design & Construction

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Passive House

Richard Pedranti Architect
Karpiak Residence, Scranton, PA

Pedranti_models-1 Pedranti_models-2 Pedranti_models-5 Pedranti_models-6

New single-family residence custom-designed to meet the Passive House standard in the hill section of Scranton, PA.

Sustainable Brownstone Transformation, Brooklyn, NY

Julie Torres Moskovitz, Designer, Fabrica718 LLC, Brooklyn, NY
Photos by: Hai Zhang

passive-brownstone-A passive-brownstone-I passive-brownstone-C passive-brownstone-E passive-brownstone-D passive-brownstone-B passive-brownstone-F passive-brownstone-G passive-brownstone-H

Tighthouse, a brownstone retrofit, sits at the end of a string of two-story buildings constructed in 1899 that share a tree-lined block with larger brownstones built around the same time, centrally located off Fifth Avenue in the neighborhood of Park Slope. It is the first certified Passive House in New York City and meets the standards for new construction. Learn more.

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