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Post & Beam/Timber Framing Building Systems

Post and Beam Construction - Timber FramingPost and Beam Construction, also referred to as Timber Framing, is a visually distinct style of construction allowing you to see the supporting framework of your custom built home.

Lord Contractors, Inc. offers expert Post and Beam Construction. Also known as Timber Framing, this custom building system utilizes a system of horizontal beams that transfer structural loads to a system of vertical posts and may also use a series of diagonal braces that reinforce the beams to help to make the structure rigid.

Unlike with a typical wall built of lumber, Post and Beam Construction allows for an open, airy interior with high ceilings, long spans and large expanses of glass. The exposed wood along with its connections, whether bolted plates of steel or mortise and tenon, provide extraordinary design possibilities. Be it sleek and modern or rustic and handcrafted, a Post and Beam Building System allows you to express your own particular aesthetic resulting in a beautiful home that stands apart from conventional framing.

Post and Beam Construction still relies on a system of walls to help separate inside from outside and room from room. The difference is that none of these walls is structural, so they can be built in any configuration and of any material.

Custom Post and Beam Construction / Timber Framed Home, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Lyman Perry Architects, Ltd.

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This nationally recognized custom-built, timber framed home is a timeless classic. It captures the beauty of the rolling landscape of the surrounding Chester County, Pennsylvania countryside through the use of natural finishes and a post and beam construction building system.

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