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Advantages of a Modular Building System

Why Build a Custom Home? Building Systems Options!

Modular Home Building SystemsLeading the way in green construction is the Modular Home Building System. Consisting of factory-built modules complete with attached walls, floors, ceiling, wiring, plumbing and fixtures, the modular home building system is transported to a building site and placed on a permanent foundation by a crane.

Built in a factory setting, Modular Home Building Systems offer numerous advantages over conventional home construction and puts homeowners in a customized, quality home in less time and with less stress.

Some of these advantages are:

Design Flexibility: From the traditional to the modern, express your personality and style with a custom design or choose from a wide variety of home styles and existing floor plans.

Consistent Quality: Over the years, the modular home building process has been refined and streamlined resulting in consistent superior quality. Third-party inspectors ensure this consistency along with code compliance that meets or exceeds state standards.

Controlled Environment: With a higher level of quality control, this controlled environment accelerates the building process and reduces material waste. Building materials are never exposed to the weather. The home is cleaner with a much lower risk of mold, mildew, and pest infestation.

Energy Efficiency: Unlike conventional home construction, modular homes are built from the inside out, resulting in a tighter, more energy-efficient home. To lessen the chance of weather damage and cut the cost of heating and cooling bills, all potential areas to lose energy are identified and sealed.

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