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Lord Contractors, Inc. is PHI-Certified

The Passive House standard is the most stringent building energy standard in the world. Certified passive homes provide superior comfort, indoor air quality and resilience as well as yield financial paybacks by lowering utility bills and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Lord Contractors, Inc. is one of only a handful of Mid-Atlantic builders to be certified by the Passive House Institute to work with you to construct your custom, high-performance home.

Lord Contractors, Inc. is certified by the Passive House Institute

Passive House Principals

  1. Solar Orientation
  2. High Insulation
  3. Air Tight Enclosure
  4. Balanced Ventilation with Heat Recovery

To be PHI-Certified, builders must understand these principals; know how to meet unique challenges presented by North American climate and conditions; and have mastered PHI craftsmanship and techniques.

Whether you’re looking to a build a green home or just appreciate a lower total cost of ownership, contact Lord Contractors, Inc. for professional collaboration, superior craftsmanship, and quality construction of your high-performance home.


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