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Post & Beam/Timber Framed Home Building

Why Build a Custom Home? Building Systems Options!

timber frame post & beam home Because of its beauty, open floor plan, energy-efficiency and durability, there is renewed interest in the centuries-old building craft of timber framed, post & beam home construction. The post & beam, timber-framed building system utilizes a system of vertical post and horizontal beam timbers joined by wooden pegs, steel plates, bolts, or mortise and tenon.

Built to last for generations, the modern timber frame post & beam home combines fine old-world craftsmanship with new technologies of energy conservation and state-of-the-art insulation systems.

Each home is customized to reflect the personality of the homeowner as well as meet specific building site and budget requirements. Be it sleek and modern or rustic and handcrafted, the post and beam building system allows the homeowner to express their own particular aesthetic resulting in a beautiful home that stands apart from conventional framing.

By nature of the building system, post & beam timber-framed homes lend themselves to open floor plans with countless design possibilities. The interior of the timber-framed home showcases the beauty and charm of exposed wood timbers and exquisite joinery. Wide spacing between posts allows for an open, airy interior with high ceilings, long spans and large expanses of glass.

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