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Lord Contractors, Inc. has developed strong relationships with specialty trades from the surrounding area. They have remained loyal and continue to service our clients when their building needs a stonemason, slate roof installation and servicing, standing seam roofs and copper gutters, and architectural woodworking & custom cabinetry.Specialty Trades for New Construction, Remodeling & Renovation

Stonemasonry Specialty TradesStonemason Specialty Trades

The craft of stonemasonry (or stone craft) is one of the oldest trades and has existed since humanity could use and make tools—creating buildings, structures, and sculpture using stone from the earth. It is the craft of shaping rough pieces of rock into accurate geometrical shapes, at times simple, but some of considerable complexity, and then arranging the resulting stones, often together with mortar, to form structures. Our masonry craftsmen take great pride in their work and can create new retaining walls, walkways and siding that will enhance the beauty of any residential home and institutional, educational or commercial building. If any stone structure, walkway or wall is in need of repair, our stonemasons can also perform the necessary repairs.

Slate Roof Specialty TradesSlate Roof Specialty Trades

Considered to be the most beautiful and durable roofing material, slate has been the material of choice for the world’s greatest buildings. In fact, slate roofs have lasted for literally hundreds of years, enduring the ravages of weather and the environment and can be considered one of the most sustainable alternatives still available today. Whether it’s a residential project or commercial project, we can help you maintain the beauty of your slate tiles by servicing, repairing or replacing the roof.


Standing Seam Roof & Copper Gutter Specialty Trades

Standing Seam Roof & Copper Gutter Specialty Trades

Various types of metal have been used on roofs for thousands of years. Copper is one of them and is a highly durable material that has been successfully used on cathedrals, castles roofs and even the Roman Pantheon. Metal roofs also contain a high percentage of recycled material, and are 100% recyclable. Materials made from stainless steel, zinc or copper will rarely require maintenance over their lifetime and they can be used for both residential and commercial building applications. If your roof and gutters need replacement, consider copper as an option for a sustainable and long-lasting building envelope.


Architectural Woodworking & Custom Cabinetry Specialty TradesArchitectural Woodworking & Custom Cabinetry Specialty Trades

Our custom cabinetmaker can work with you to design and create any type of furniture you might be looking for including kitchen cabinets, vanities, media centers or built-ins to name a few. Molding and paneling can also be custom milled for new projects or matched for historic renovations. We can help you choose from a variety of styles and woods that will create the perfect piece and environment for your home, office, school or church.



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